heavy transport and engineering solutions

selected performed contracts:

Trend Projekt executes a number of jobs monthly, below is a small presentation of some selected projects:

Loading and weighing of Canada Machine (Stalkon/Sandvik) in Stettin, 770t

Job done in October 2013. Firs task was weighing of two parts of the machine to verify weight and CoG locations. Secondly, via Trend Projekt's equipment, the two parts have been loaded on to Wagenborg Barge 5. Further the machine was fastened for internal Stettin voyage to reach a Big Lift vessel that transported it to destination port in Canada.

Delivery of G08 container gantry from Hamburg (Eurogate) to Poland (PHŚ)

Performed from September to October 2013, the project involved full scope of delivery of a used container gantry from Hamburg to Poland. All calculations of structural integrity of the crane, all reinforcements and preparations done by Trend Projekt. The loadout was done with much attention to detail and redundancy due the fact, that the port of Hamburg has very big tidal variation (up to 4m each 6hrs).Towing and barge was organized by Wagenborg Towage. Discharging in Poland Swinoujscie, Port Handlowy Swinoujscie.

470t swing bridge in St. Maarten (Caribbean), discharging from a ship and mounting on foundation

Operation done in May 2013 in cooperation with Wagenborg Towage. A completely finished swing bridge, made in the Netherlands, was transported on deck of a ship MARIETJE ANDREA to St. Maarten island. Trend Projekt was responsible for skidding of the bridge directly from ship's deck on to its own foundation and later lowering using hydraulics into its bearing in the foundation (lowering by c.a. 1.5m). This was a first time for skidding operation from a general cargo ship.

Skidding of Kvaerner module B02 on to UR96 pontoon for Energomontaz Polnoc Gdynia

Skidding loading of a 875t offshore module designated for Kvaerner/Conoco Philips, assembly by Energomontaz Polnoc Gdynia. Documentation & lead-out performed according to Norwegian offshore guidelines. April 2013.

Gdansk Shipyard - Kleven ship block load-in

Project performed on a regular basis. Blocks from Poland are loaded on to a pontoon for delivery to Kleven - Norway. This particular footage shows loading of a 500ton block and hydraulic lifting (jacking up) for placing on to keel-blocks for safe support during sea-voyage. Performed - December 2012

Delivery of SHIP UNLOADER units to Eemshaven

Long awaited project involving delivery of two SHIP UNLOADER units from Stettin to Eemshaven by means of sea-transport. Loading performed in December 2012 finished with succesfull discharging in January 2013. Each crane was nearly 900t.

Presentation materials showing step by step delivery method.

Amsterdam Container Termina (ACT) containter gantrys delivery to Tenerife

Project performed for Wagenborg Towage. It involved tight cooperation between many subcontractors to allow sea delivery of 4 container cranes, each 1.400t. 3 units to Tenerife, 1 unit to Vigo. Trend Projekt was directly responsible for design and calculations of all stages of delivery - from internal strengthening of crane structure, to calclulations for load-out via SPMT trailers, to lashing for sea voyage. Project performed from May to September 2012.

Meyerwerft ship block discharging

Footage from a typical discharging operation performed by our company in Papenburg - Meyerwerft Shipyard. We take part in delivery of blocks ranging from 280t to 900t sent from Polish shipyards. Performed in August 2012.

Loading in Gdynia of Caissons for the Forth Crossing bridge

Massive project involved delivery of 7 Caissons in three shipments - with singleweight from 150t to 1400t. Permanent caissons with mass of 1200-1400t were loaded on-to a semisubmersible Northsea Barge (Dina Launcher), secured and shipped to Scotland. On destination all were unloaded by a crane from a submerged position of the barge. Below is a simulation of the launching process - calculated by Trend Projekt, and a time lapse movie from the loading process.

Rolls Royce generator

The project involved mounting a complete Rolls Royce generator in it's housing. Due the fact, that access was only horizontal (by a service hole in the housing wall), the generator has been assembled outside. Parts - frame, engine, generator - had to be assembled on skidding beams and pushed hydraulicly into the housing, further installation involved lowering of the assembled generator on to it's foundations.