Gdynia [PL] / Holyhead [GB-Wales]
320 tons

New lower linkspan was built in Gdynia on Dokowe quayside. First stage was to load out construction onto barge SW6118 (61x18x4,5m) by means of Trend skidding system. Then, linkspan had to be seafasten on barge for a long journey to Holyhead in Wales. This is strong tidal affected area. Tides in winter seasons can reach even 5m in 6 hours period. Due to that fact, prepared empty Svitzer barge was shifted underneath the Old linkspan during low water. While water was rising up, barge was shifted continuously toward bankseat to reach optimal position for supporting the whole construction. Finally, old linkspan was taken up by barge and skidded alongside onto middle of the barge to decrease overhang from fore of barge. After successful removal operation, new linskpan installation was performed in reverse order.

  • Load out operation onto barge SW6118 in Gdynia (skidding)
  • Organization of sea transport (tugs and barge) from Gdynia to construction site in Holyhead [GB-Wales]
  • Removal operation of existing old lower linkspan by means of local barge Svitzer Ark
  • Installation of new lower linkspan on bankseat and “dolphins’ by means of Polish barge SW6118
  • Reloading of old linkspan from local barge (Svitzer Ark) to Polish empty barge SW6118. Old linkspan was loaded onto SW6118 barge beacause Client decided to send it to Poland for scrapping

  • Q=320T
  • L=53,2m
  • B=26,0m
  • H=3,5m