Gdynia (Poland)
30 tons

Trend Projekt was responsible for installation of steel Tank in heat and power plant in Gdynia. Although the tank was only 30T of weight, the challenge was to install it on its foundation without usage of crane. This limitation was caused by live high voltage wires nearby foundations of tank. At first tank was loaded onto trailer by crane. Then it was transported to the installation site and settled onto dedicated skidding substructure in front of foundation of tank. Then, tank was rotated of 90 degrees to reach the correct position and skidded onto foundation. Finally, the tank was settled onto foundation with high precision.

  • Preparation of trailer – assembly of skidding substructure on trailer
  • Loading of Tank onto trailer and fastening for internal transport in EC Gdynia
  • Preparation of rotation substructure vis a vis foundation of Tank
  • Rotation of Tank of 90 degrees
  • Skidding of Tank onto proper position – foundation
  • Jacking down end precision settling of Tank on foundation
1 pcs. of steel tank

  • Q=30T
  • L=9,1m
  • B=fi2m